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The Importance of Annual Physicals in Women’s Health

The Importance of Annual Physicals in Women’s Health

Almost half of women in the United States skip preventive health care exams like their annual physical. Time and money are the most common reasons why women choose not to get regular checkups. 

Skipping your annual physical may cost you more money and time over the long run. Annual physicals are head-to-toe exams that look for health issues before they turn into serious problems. 

Our team of women’s health specialists at Obstetricians & Gynecologists, PC, in Hastings and Grand Island, Nebraska, provides a full spectrum of women’s health services, including primary care, annual physicals, and well-woman exams

Here’s why annual physicals are important in women’s health. 

Establish a baseline health

The annual physical is a comprehensive exam that looks at your entire health. We review your medical, gynecological, and surgical history, ask about family health history, and inquire about your health concerns. We then do a mental health check and physical exam.

The information we gather during this thorough physical establishes a baseline of your health. Knowing what’s normal and usual about your overall health makes it easier for us to spot deviations that may indicate the need for further evaluation, helping us find diseases in the early, more treatable stages. 

Screen for diseases

Chronic diseases don’t pop up out of nowhere, but noticeable symptoms may not appear until the disease has progressed to the point that it affects normal function. Health screenings are tests we do during your annual physical that look for diseases before you have symptoms.

If we find a health problem early, we may prevent the disease or reduce risk of complications. 

Some common women’s health screenings we may perform during an annual physical include:

We also make referrals for mammograms for breast cancer screening, bone density tests for osteoporosis, and colonoscopies for colon cancer. 

Update vaccines

Vaccines are medical treatments that teach your immune system how to protect you from common contagious diseases. The vaccines you received during childhood don’t last forever and need boosters. 

You also need different vaccines as an adult, such as hepatitis B and shingles vaccines. Your annual physical is also a great time to get the flu shot and update your COVID-19 vaccine. 

Individualized preventive care

The primary purpose of the annual physical exam is health promotion and disease prevention. 

Lifestyle choices and habits are responsible for many of the chronic diseases that affect women. Your annual physical gives us an opportunity to identify the habits that may affect your health in the future and provide guidance on how to change them. 

As women’s health experts, we have a keen understanding of your health needs and symptoms of concern. We can talk to you about family planning and birth control options and prescribe what you need. We also thoroughly investigate symptoms common in women like pelvic pain and abnormal bleeding to find the cause and provide appropriate treatment. 

Has it been more than a year since your last annual exam? It’s time to schedule your visit. Call Obstetricians & Gynecologists, PC, today or request an appointment online to book your yearly exam.

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