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Obstetrical Care


We provide complete obstetrical care before, during and after childbirth. This includes patients with normal pregnancies as well as those with complications. High risk pregnancies are identified by careful histories and physical examinations and include pregnancies at risk for premature delivery, toxemia, or diabetic complications. Conditions requiring close observation and special procedures such as fetal monitoring, 3D/4D ultrasound and amniocentesis, are expertly managed by our highly trained staff of physicians, nurses, and medical assistants. Our offices contain the latest equipment and technology to ensure the best possible care.

We encourage our obstetrical patients to attend our Prenatal Classes which cover what to expect during labor and delivery. The Prenatal Classes are offered throughout the year, at no charge to our patients.

Obstetrical patients choose either a physician or nurse mid-wife to provide their care. A physician is always available if complications arise. Care for new born infants is provided by the pediatrician or family physician of the patient’s choice.

Mid-Wife Services:

  • Monitoring the health of the mother and the baby during regular prenatal checkups
  • Provide care and expertise as the mother delivers the newborn
  • Give follow-up care during the postpartum period
  • Annual gynecological exams, including breast exams and pap smears
  • Pre-pregnancy counseling
  • Counseling on birth control and family planning
  • Diagnosis and treatment of vaginal infections and other acute and minor problems

Our nurse mid-wife has the training necessary to recognize the signs of complications, and to respond to various types of emergencies.

Prenatal Testing

We offer non-invasive prenatal testing. For more information, please view the video below.

More Obstetric Services:

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» Vaginal Birth after Cesarean-Section

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